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The online spa water analysis is quick and easy. Simply enter the results of your water test and you will instantly get recommendations on the exact quantity of products you need to balance your water.


If you are not sure of your spa’s water volume, please consult your spa owner’s manual.


Lithium comes in powder. Lithium Hypochlorite is the most popular product for spa disinfection. This product works instantly and is completely soluble. It leaves no residue. Lithium has a 35% concentration.
This product comes in tablets and is of slow dissolution. It must be placed in a floating brominator that can be opened to let the water circulate inside in order for the tablets to dissolve. Bromine is perfect for those who have a spa at a cottage or are absent during part of the week. Simply fill the floater.
These stabilized tablets, also called ‘’dichloro’’, are designed to dissolve quickly. Simply toss a tablet directly into the spa. Caution! It melts in 10 minutes. But, when the tablet has dissolved, it doesn’t mean you need to add another one. Only a chlorine test can determine when to add the next tablet. (When the chlorine level is less than 3 ppm) This type of chlorine has a 56% concentration.
This product, often called ‘’dichloro’’, comes in powder. It is extra fine chlorine that dissolves instantly. It has a 56% concentration. This is high quality chlorine and unlike the other types of chlorine, it doesn’t affect the water’s pH.

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